When starting a new project, what every designer needs is inspiration. Yet, forcing your creativity to invent new ideas not only makes you feel stressed out but it also creates counter-effect on your productivity. Rather than rushing to find inspiration when the deadline is after you, surround yourself with artistic people who can influence and inspire you. At least, try to do it digitally. Take advantage of social platforms, such as Instagram, where you can effortlessly find tons of incredible artworks just by scrolling through the feed or with the ‘Explore’ feature. Let’s take a look at our top 12 Digital Art Instagram Accounts that you need to follow ASAP for everyday inspiration.

1. Baugasm™

@baugasm is an account that features experimental gradients and poster designs by a visual designer named Vasjen Katro. His project is called 365 Posters, in which he challenges himself to create one design for each day of the year. The whole series is a blast of daily inspiration where you can find a lot of abstract, modern artworks and learn how to get creative with the gradients, liquidfy effects in poster designs on his stories or IGTV.

2. Saint Hoax

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous artist, satirist and sociopolitical activist. He creates “POPlitically incorrect” art that blurs the line between politics and popular culture.” He is known for making parodies of famous celebrity photos and taking Disney characters out of context for social awareness and political satire.

3. Paul Fuentes

Paul Fuentes describes himself as a graphic designer with a mission: “I want to make people happy.
With a sushi-cat or a juicy hamburger, it’s my goal to break your boring Instagram feed and to get a smile on your face. I like to remind people how fascinating the world is by producing images of food, animals, and objects. These images are minimalistic mash-ups with pastel backgrounds. 
I am Paul Fuentes.”

4. madebystudiojq

Studio JQ is a UK-based Studio specializing in Branding, Packaging, Digital Art & Illustration. You can find a bunch of design layout inspirations and learn how to turn a random object into awesome graphic elements from their tutorial videos on @madebystudiojq.

5. slimesunday

@slimesunday is an account run by artist Mike Parisella. It highlights his mind-blowing abstract visuals which constantly evolving in style: from digital collage to distorted holographic light edits. His artworks are not only visual treats but also meaningful representations for those suffering from anxiety and depression.

6. Sara Shakeel

Sara Shakeel gains her recognition from her iconic glittery and crystalline digital collage artworks. Her arts empowers body positivity against the unrealistic societal standards, especially those on women, in the modern age.

7. Dogs In Food

If you love food as much as you love puppies, then you need to be following this Instagram page ASAP. @dog_infood has been wittily sneaking pure, innocent doggos into delicious dishes to serve them as delights for your soul. Hmmmm… yummy!

8. Tony Futura

Tony Futura, a digital artist based in Berlin, creates surreal art that seems to poke fun at the materialism and pop-culture focus of modern Western life. His light-hearted and funny digital art is often charged with sexual energy.

If you like his fun visual puns, be sure to follow him on Instagram @tonyfutura!


@popmyeyes is a curation account featuring the works of conceptual artists all over the world. As their account name says, these artworks are definitely going to pop your eyes with interesting illusion and surrealism.

10. ohitsgaryart

Gary Hoang is a collage artist based in London. With the dreamy and galaxy-inspired artworks, @ohitsgaryart will undoubtedly capture the sparkling minds of any space lovers.

11. I N D I G O ©

All rainbow, cloudy and bubbly is what you can tell from the art of @indg0. Inspired from music and nature, this account gives out refreshing and serene vibes that you need on a daily basis.

12. shusaku takaoka

Shusaku Takaoka is known for his creative mash-ups of iconic historical arts with modern pop culture in his photo collages. Follow and see his fabulous image manipulation @shusaku1977!

12 Best Digital Art Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow For Daily Dose Of Inspiration