Have you ever received a personal invitation? What was your first feeling? Yes, receiving an invitation card online or offline makes you feel special like you’re the most wanted guest. Unlike many other marketing materials, an invitation card usually plays a role of sending a private message: You are invited to an event. So, a well-designed invitation will leave an impression that the event would be the grand one. With that in mind, here are 30+ Beautiful Invitation Design Layouts For Your Exciting Celebration which DesignBold Academy team has carefully selected for you.

With hundreds of free layouts to choose from, designing an invitation card is no longer difficult and time-consuming for non-profession designers. You can also check out this amazing collection in our library by visiting DesignBold Card Collection.

Click on the image and you can design your invitation card with the template.

Layouts for Birthday Party Invitation

New Year Eve Invitation Layouts

Invitation Design Layouts for Special Party

 Layouts for Wedding Party Invitation

Layouts for Christmas Party Invitation

Halloween Party Invitation Card Layouts

Layouts for Valentine Party Invitation Card 

Layouts for Celebration Party Invitation Card 

Not only these 30 beautiful layouts, DesignBold has Card Collection which provides you with many unique design ideas. You can use them directly, or customize them in your own way, save and use them as yours.

With the huge storage of creative layouts, DesignBold is a helpful design tool for you to create beautiful designs in a time-saving way.

With DesignBold, you can create an abundance of invitation cards which can be customized in your own way. Just drag and drop, with a lot of creative layouts, DesignBold is the most effective design tool for your time-saving designs. You can also visit our DesignBold Academy to get more design tips & knowledge from the expert team!