The seasons are coming!

Winter seems to be the most significant time of the year since it comes along with a bunch of holidays and festivals, and yes, they are around the corner. Talking about holidays, have you prepared anything for the forthcoming events on your Facebook page?

You know, if you have your own business, it’s kind of a great time to run a sale promotion or campaign that helps to boost the trade (people tend to spend a lot on seasonal stuff).
Or if you don’t, maybe all that you want is something creative and splendid to celebrate with all the people, your friends, on social media.

Whatever you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Below we offer you various choices of facebook cover graphics on upcoming holidays (Christmas and Thanksgiving pictures) which suit every need, and the best thing is, you can even customize them to make it unique and have your own mark.

Thanksgiving pictures

Using sale poster as a Facebook Cover to gain more online customers during Thanksgiving. Provided by with love DesignBold, The Home of Graphic Design, Illustration, and professional templates.

Your shopping online’s page should have a facebook cover about the sale off during Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving pictures for Sale created via this online design tool

There is a big sale off in your store. Looking for a cover that could help you to promote it on Facebook? Happy Thanksgiving pictures for Facebook cover made via our Graphic Illustrations, Designs, and professional Design layouts and templates.

This quirky take on the Thanksgiving spread backdrop is a fun and stylish alternative to the usual Thanksgiving backdrops used in various greeting cards used this season: we put in the usual spread of turkey, corn, pies, maple leaves, and wine, but used linear illustrations against a sunny yellow backdrop instead, and a bold white typography for your greetings and other announcements.

Let’s gather around the table and celebrate the best Thanksgiving ever with this beautiful, warm, cozy look facebook cover.

Get this cute little turkey cover to spice up your facebook page. Thanksgiving is the time to get a little bit more excited and extraordinary, isn’t it?

Look how beautiful these red leaves are! The thanksgiving pictures have the best colors to represent the warmth and coziness of the season. Happy thanksgiving!

Never forget to send thankful messages to your beloved on special days like Thanksgiving cause that’s what all the name is about. Giving out the love and appreciation with this cute facebook cover.

Thanksgiving is all about super lavish meals beside your family members, remind them of the important things by creating this cover for your own facebook page.

Christmas Facebook covers

Christmas Facebook Cover for Marketing Merchandise provided by with online design tool, The Home of Graphic Design, Illustration, and professional templates.

Let’s have the best Christmas ever in your lifetime. Merry Christmas FaceBook Cover for the Holidays easily made yours with our Free Web app for Design, brought to you by DesignBold.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year Facebook Cover. 2 in 1, how unique it is. Easily made yours with our Web app for Graphic Design, brought to you by DesignBold.

Who wants to have a handmade present for Christmas? Don’t act like you don’t want one for yourself. A facebook cover made by us will satisfy you. Create a special message with our Graphic Designs, illustrations, layouts and templates, brought to you by DesignBold.

All we want for Christmas is your satisfy about our online design tool. Facebook Cover for Christmas, brought to you with love by DesignBold, our graphic design web app.

The Mistletoe Pattern Facebook Cover is ready to become your Facebook Cover during Christmas Eve. So join us to have this amazing gift, brought to you by DesignBold.

Who loves candy? Don’t act like you dont want one for yourself. Create a special message, uploaded it as a facebook cover with our Graphic Designs, illustrations, layouts and template, brought to you by DesignBold.

Create a Christmas Party Facebook Cover to get them excited about your party. It’s customized easily with our Free Web app for Design, brought to you by DesignBold.

You want to create something cool for your Facebook on Christmas day? Let’s try this new tool for design and having a Christmas Facebook Cover for yourself.

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year so let’s design the most beautiful Facebook Cover on this day via this suggest tool.

Santa Claus has the right idea, visit people only once a year. So let’s have the right idea like him, create a Facebook Cover for Christmas once a year.

Design something simple but still gets the spirit of Christmas to become your Facebook Cover. We present to you a very new and nice Free Web App For Design.

The whole planet is going to celebrate on Christmas Day. How about you? How about designing a Facebook Cover on Christmas Day?

Looking for some apps and tools that can help you easily design a Facebook Cover on Christmas Day? We already give to you the templates, now all you need to do is design in your own way.

Christmas is a time to open your heart and also design something good for yourself like a Facebook Cover. Let’s join to the design world now.

A red cover may be suitable with your Facebook Cover during Christmas time. Sharing a Facebook Cover that you design with your Facebook’s friends.

Lovely Reindeer are the main point in your Facebook Cover on occasion of Christmas. Design more to make this photo become yours.

We wish you a Merry Christmas with our design templates. Let’s have some special Facebook Covers on Christmas day.

Adding more text, more photos on this templates and having a unique Facebook Cover on Christmas. Don’t waste your time, let’s create it!

Merry Xmas everyone! Do you have any Facebook Cover to enjoy this day yet? If you don’t, let’s choose this templates and design it in your own style.

Having sale during Christmas and to promote it, design the Facebook Cover to announce.

Let’s party on Christmas Day with your family, friends and colleagues. Create a Facebook Cover to invite all of them.

Too busy to prepare party invitation for relatives on Christmas? Let’s Create an invitation Facebook Cover for Christmas Party to make sure that all of them will know about this.

The Blue Snow Christmas Concert Park Holiday Facebook Event Cover introduced by us.

For Yankee Swap to be any fun, it must include a whole bunch of willing players. Get all your friends in on the action by a Facebook Cover for Christmas reminder and using this customizable template as the cover photo.

Create some fresh and cool Facebook Covers for Christmas day. Be the artist of your own Facebook.

Wrapping Up

Have you checked out all the templates above? Are they helpful to you? Give us some comments or you can even tell us what you want to see in the next posts, we will do it for you!

Thank you for sparing your time on this blog, here is something that you may want to take a look at, especially if you’re doing business/marketing.

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