Advertising posters are one of the the most-used marketing tools to bring the products and services to customers. Many businesses have achieved success by using posters for advertising activities. In this article, we will introduce some tips to design beautiful posters and give you 5 examples of impressive posters that you definitely should not miss out.

How to design a beautiful and impressive advertising poster?

Use colors to express emotions and attract more attention

Color is one of the most important factors in designing posters. Different colors evoke different emotions. An appropriate color combination, therefore, is a crucial factor in defining the impression of a poster on its viewers.

For example, colors used in designing a poster for a Rock Concert are likely to be totally different from the one of Classical Music. Remember, each color palette can express different meanings and affect the perception of the people who see it.

Using colors to evoke emotions

Experience with different typography

When designing a poster, a lot of information can only be expressed in text. If you need to emphasis on the formality, Bold Sans Serif font is the ideal choice. If you want to create a delicate and elegant look, use the Italic Serif font. To express your friendliness, be creative with handwriting/script fonts.

Experience with different typography

Normally, you should choose 2 fonts that fit your poster design best, depending on the content, style of your design. To create a stronger impression, you can try different types of typography to see the difference and find your ideal creation.

Arrange information on the ad poster

Arranging information on an advertising poster

On advertising posters, the information must be outstanding and legible. The golden rule is to arrange the information on the poster in order of importance: the most important one comes first, the less important comes second. If there is not much information, use bold and simple graphics to illustrate them. If you have a lot of information, think about using large headings or arrange your design layout wisely, using grids and frames

Create image from images

Create image from images

Creating images from images sounds may sound confusing; however, many posters have succeeded in doing this. Simply, it is somehow a witty photo collage. The Melbourne Food & Wine poster, for example, created a bottle of wine from a fork, using small objects to create a large white space that makes viewers more comfortable.

The Melbourne Food & Wine poster

Remove unnecessary parts

A simple but impressive poster design

Sometimes less is more because it ignites the curiosity of the viewers to explore the content. An emotional image or a simple word is more powerful than dozens of images or long sentences.

Use more Geometrics in designing advertising posters

Using shapes in poster design is also quite popular today. Not only can they be used as the background but they can also used as pattern. With geometric or polygon pattern, the poster can easily direct the viewers’ attention to an area that you want to focus on.

5 extremely impressive advertising posters which should not be ignored

STIHL chainsaw Poster: You do not need the muscles to work with a STIHL chainsaw

An impressively creative poster of TNT express

A poster showing the accuracy of the Sharpie ballpoint pen: so accurate that you can even draw the bacteria

A poster of Bancolombia Insurance: Property risks is only a matter of time

Speak like a native – A poster of Berlitz – A global education company

Here are some impressive posters that have succeeded in grabbing the attention of viewers to discover the hidden message behind the design.

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