Halloween Holiday, the most expected Holiday for children is coming. Do you have any new Halloween Facebook Covers for Promotion Campaign or just making your Facebook Page looks more interesting and scarier? We introduce to you some beautiful Halloween Facebook Covers, which has been chosen by our professional Designer team.

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Halloween Facebook Covers for Holiday and Promotion

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The return of Dead Rising in Halloween will rock your party like crazy. The Halloween Facebook Covers of the event will be created via Graphic Illustration quickly and easily

The Evil Bats will look for you in the moonlight. Be aware of the strange sound on that night. 

Keep Calm and Trick or Treat! The Facebook Cover created via DesignBold’s Graphic Illustration, Design, and professional templates.

Frighten your friends in Halloween with the ghostly Facebook cover customized easily.

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Graphic Resources for Halloween Sale to use for the Facebook Covers made easily with our Free Web app for Design.

Trick or Treat is a Halloween Custom. Make a memorable Halloween for your children using the Facebook cover 

Scare them to death in your amazingly fun Halloween night via DesignBold’s Graphic Illustrations, Designs, and professional templates.

Funky Pumpkin Halloween Special Offer in limited time. 

Be different with the lovely graphic for Halloween Facebook Cover.

May you always do what you are afraid to do.

Scary pumpkin for Halloween party.

Return from death, beautiful Facebook Cover for Halloween.

Let’s get your Freak on with the template on Halloween. Use this as your Facebook Cover and you also can design it.

Halloween is upon us again, and it’s time to throw yet another creepy yet festive party. Invite all your friends to join the fun with this Orange Adult Halloween Facebook Event Cover Photo from Canva. The social media banner is sure to set the tone for the night ahead.

Halloween is the perfect occasion to indulge in frightening sights and stories that leave your hair standing on end. As you’re incorporating these elements into your upcoming party, Canva is here to help you with the design aspect.

Halloween is a great way to go drinking with your club—be it your soccer club, film club, bird-watching club, you name it—it’s a great time to disguise booze in potion bottles , and boo the night away like drunken ghosts or whatever it is you’ve chosen to dress as on Halloween.

Spread some spooks this Halloween with this spooktacular Facebook event cover photo designed with Canva. Set against a perfectly spooky purple sky, it features black silhouettes of houses with yellow windows, bats, a big yellow moon and yellow script for your event details and announcements.

You have wicked plans for your upcoming adult Halloween party—that much you want to make clear to your guests. Announce your event with style and draw people in via social media with this Wicked Halloween Facebook event cover photo from Canva.

If you’re creating a Facebook event page for the Halloween party you’re organizing, you’ll want to use this cover photo. Featuring a trio of colorful poison bottles against a black background, it’s the perfect way to announce your adult Halloween party and encourage your guests to attend the event.

Let’s face it: Halloween is essentially an occasion meant to scare the living daylights out of everyone. Embrace the roots of the event and match it with a Canva-made Facebook event cover promoting your frightful festival.

Let’s celebrate Halloween day’s party and invite your friends. Make an announce on facebook by creating an invitation Facebook Cover.

Encourage people not to miss out on your event by using a Facebook event cover that they can’t resist. Try this zombie Halloween cover featuring a dark background, a neon illustration of the face of Frankenstein’s monster and neon header text.

Create a creepy and unique Facebook Cover for Halloween now. Let’s freak out your Facebook’s friends by your design.

Halloween can’t be Halloween without bats and creepy things like monsters. Create a Monster Night Out Banner based on this template.


Based on this template, let’s make something crazy and creepy for your Facebook Cover. We expect the creative from you.

Halloween is a lifestyle, not a holiday. So let’s create a Facebook Cover for this “lifestyle”.

The Witch can be bribed with chocolate. Design your own Facebook Cover with this template. Be a good designer immediately!

Final Thoughts

Thanks for spending time on this post, we hope that you have found the suitable Halloween Facebook Covers for your own purpose. Keep visiting our website regularly for more news about Design.