All you need to know about Brad Pitt & Angeline Jolie in 1-page infographic

After posting my quick thought about their divorce, I got a message from a reporter asking me if I want to write something more about Brangelina. Perhaps, they want a fresh content for the hottest-divorce-in-the-decade to drive more traffic to their site.

I decided to give a try and with the help of designers from DesignBold, we finally came up with an infographic covering 3 most important parts of the 12-years of Brangelina.

  • 12 years timeline, highlighting key milestones
  • Total earnings by years 2004–2016
  • Major films

Design #1

Design #2

Design #3

Feel free to use any of above Infographic on your site. A link back to DesignBold will be fair.

Note: All of above Infographic are editable, you can add your logo, add more data and fact to the design. To find these design, simply go to and search for Brad Pitt or Angela Jolie.