Birthday is such an important occasion to everyone because it marks new chapter of our lifetime. Therefore, don’t forget to make a special Instagram post so that your friends can share the happiness with you. In this article, let’s see how we can create a memorable birthday Instagram post with DesignBold.

Write a message for your birthday Instagram post

How do you enjoy your birthday? Don’t be shy to share with others your feeling towards this special day or what you wish for it. Instagram is such a private social network so almost all your followers are your friends or relatives. They are the ones who care about you a lot and want to know how your birthday is, therefore, feel free to share about your birthday on your instagram post to let them know.

How to design travel Instagram posts with DesignBold

1. Select layout

A fixed size is set for instagram post on DesignBold to get the best image quality. To select the layouts with the right size, follow steps below:

  1. On DesignBold homepage, click on New Design
  2. Select View all doctypes
  3. In Social media section, select Instagram post

2. Add photo

You can use either the available source of images on DesignBold by:

  1. Click on Search. Type some keywords to find suitable images such as ‘birthday’‘gift’
  2. Drag and drop them into your design

Or utilize your own photos in your computer by:

  1. Click on Upload.
  2. Select Upload your images.

3. Add text

  1. Click on Add text.
  2. Select text type (Heading, Subheading, Body text).
  3. Edit the text as you want.

4. Add Shapes, Lines and Symbols

You can add impressive details to your Instagram post design as follows:

  1. Click on Search. Right here you can find thousands of Shapes, Lines and Symbols.
  2. Add and move them freely in your design.

After finishing all of these steps, just download your design and you now have your own amazing Instagram post to celebrate your birthday!

These are main simple steps to make an instagram post with DesignBold. If the direction is not clear enough, just have a look at the video below!