Hi there Bolders! Many times when creating designs (for your projects or presentations) you come across the need to incorporate a map within it.

Let’s assume you are pitching a new business idea in your presentation explaining how it is profitable for your company to venture into a new region/country.

The usage of maps makes it very easy to explain specific information related to particular geographic regions. It is an essential tool which will enhance the effectiveness of your presentation and lend it more authenticity.

Until now, the most common way was to download the map image from search engines and modifying it to explain the points you want to state.

This method is not only tedious and time taking but also never provides a complete satisfying output.

Hence, taking into consideration all the above points and with the aim to make it easy for our users to incorporate maps in their designs, we have rolled out the “Map Tool”

This tool is going to revolutionize the way you use maps in your designs. Just a few clicks and you will add interactive maps to your designs explaining even the most specific points and data.

1. Access the Map Tool in the design dashboard

2. Click on the Map Icon to Add the Map on your Design

3. Customizing the Map

Click on the map and the edit toolbar will appear. And this is where the magic will start and entirely under your control.

Once you click on the “Data” button you will be shown a list of the countries. You can either select from a drop-down or type the country you want to select. With a click, you will get the map of the country you want.

You also have the option to select the regions collectively, for example, Asia and others.

4. Further Customisation of Map

Let’s say you select the map of USA. After that you also get the options to edit the map of USA further. You can

  • Change the map color.
  • Add or remove borders.
  • Change the border colors.

  • Change the color of the specific states/regions within the map.
  • In the image below you can see that there is the option to add specific values to each region. Just click on the value and enter your own value.

  • Add Legends & Area Value Pointers

That’ the power of using the map tool in your designs. Finally, you can integrate geographical regions from all over the world, add your data, customize the borders & colors in a matter of few clicks in all your designs.

We hope you will enjoy using the “Map Tool”. As always if you have any feedback to share with us you can contact us via the support chat at DesignBold website.