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Create awesome Marketing Proposal with DesignBold

A digital marketing proposal template is far from a pitch. The former is part of a wider pitch process that comes in handy when sorting out prospective clients. 

The proposal is supposed to elicit engagement from the client by proving how well your expertise and effectiveness will help their brand. The proposal contains the marketers brand profile and reputation.  

The digital marketing campaign proposal template is the perfect checklist to a great proposal. The template covers aspects that auger well with clients. Furthermore, proposal templates can be adjusted to suit specific client needs.

With DesignBold’s Powerful, Convenient and Absolutely Free Design Tool, you can now create an awesome Marketing Proposal yourself in the blink of an eye. No need to spend days looking for inspirations or browse thousands of quotes, our library of 11,000+ layouts can serve all styles and needs. Marketing Proposal online with DesignBold is the ultimate way to go!

Make your own unique layouts

You want to fully capture the spirit of Marketing Proposal in your own style? You can use the graphic as is, or you can use DesignBold’s design tools to tweak the ready-made layout as you’d like. Search through DesignBold’s library of stock images or upload your own photos to add a more original touch to your design. Then, add some eye-catching filters or add shapes and icons to complete your Marketing Proposal.

4 simple steps to create a stunning Marketing Proposal

  • Create DesignBold Account or Log in with Google/Facebook Account
  • Browse Template Library and Pick out Your Favorite
  • Edit Template to Fit Your Needs (Change fonts, background colors, add grids, etc.)
  • Save and Share!

Why is DesignBold the ultimate solution?

  • No need to install heavy programs or own high-end computer. DesignBold does everything online, including rendering your image!
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