It is extremely important for graphic designers to choose the right typography on their designs because it will directly affect the aesthetics and style of the design. Today, even if there are already many different types of fonts on the computer’s software, to create impressive designs and attract more viewers, designers should collect more fonts. Understanding the designers’ needs, DesignBold has provided you with countless fonts to tell the world whatever you want.

Specialized fonts for designers

Although there are a lot of fonts, only some of those below are frequently used by most designers.


This is a font used the most in fashion as it brings the luxury and modern feel in design, particularly for highly artistic designs such as posters, magazines, book covers, etc.


This is a font by Pier Paolo inspired by the Soul and Jazz music and is considered the appropriate font to use in design for music, tea room, and so on.


This font is inspired by the 60s and 70s of the 21th century, therefore it is suitable for vintage designs along with a rugged look on T-shirts and street logos.

How to Upload Your Own Font on DesignBold

To use the new and impressive fonts of DesignBold design software, you can follow the steps below in 2 options

Option 1: On DesignBold Workspace

  1. Click Customize to upload your font
  2. Drag and drop your favourite fonts into the shaded area or browse from your computer
  3. You will receive a notification from the Popup requesting permission to use the font uploaded. Now confirm and choose upload now

Option 2: On the edit page

  • Select any text and click the Font menu on the toolbar
  • Click on the My fonts toolbar at the bottom of the list
  • Select and upload a new font or select a file from your computer
  • The popup will send you a notification asking for confirmation of the uploaded font. Tick on the confirmation box and click Upload Now

With a registered account on the design software DesignBold, you can upload 5 free fonts for each individual and 20 free ones for a group. If you want to upload new fonts, just delete an existed font and continue to upload a new one. Deleting the uploaded fonts does not affect your designs using the deleted fonts.

All in all, using the right font combined with color and image quality will help designers create impressive online designs and draw viewers’ attention. Using DesignBold design tools which allow you to upload your own fonts is one of the great ways to create a masterpiece.

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