Every day, online job sites must receive thousands of profiles, while business needs are limited. You love a company with a post and income level very suitable for yourself. However, how to compete with the giant amount of human resources that are also “waiting for” that job. Do not worry, we will tell you 4 small tips of online design to have an impressive CV, helping you score a huge point with the recruiter.

1. Choose a fast CV online design website

If you search on google, you will be able to find yourself many websites supporting CV online design.

With these free online design sites, you can completely create for yourself an impressive resume according to your wishes, needs and aspirations.

You will be provided with the layout of a number of CVs that have been designed by the professional Designer team. It is flexible in the selection of content and rearrangement of images to match the actual needs, then you have a template for the perfect design of your CV

2. Selection of design tools

For those who already have background knowledge of designing and do not want to depend on the available templates on the free design website, choosing a popular CV design tool is crucial.

Download the design tool to your desktop and drag, choose the suitable background color, image and content to complete the CV design before sending it to the recruiter.


However, you must keep in mind that for self-employed CVs, the combination of color and layout should be professional and reasonable

The image should be balanced in size, not too big, which will affect both the CV capacity, making it hard to upload to online job sites, and create a heavy feeling, asymmetry for the whole design.

3. Select design software

If you do not want to use tools, then design software will also be effective means to give yourself an impressive CV.

Choose a design software that you are confident with and create a layout, ideas, content, as long as it is relevant and easy to impress, helping you approach the recruiter with the most positive attitude.

4. Select the appropriate content

CV is like an autobiography, which records part of a person’s most important information, up to the point of application.

Therefore, it is highly required that the candidate selects and arranges the content for it to be short, reasonable and still show your advantages

Be sure to keep in mind,  that a layout of the content in accordance with chronical rules will give you an advantage to impress the recruiter, giving them a quick and comprehensive view of your character, professional experience and skills.

Let’s include a few small images before the beginning of a sentence, an argument is also one of the advice that we give you, such as a small phone preceding the phone number, it will help your CV become more lively and impressive to the recruiter.

We have just introduced you to 4 tips to get an impressive CV. Through this article, we hope that we can help you get closer to the job that you always dream of.

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